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John C. Harsanyi 1975 Can the Maximin Principle Serve as a Basis for Morality? A Critique of John Rawls’s Theory Favorite critique of Rawls’ Maximin Principle.
www.justiceharvard.org Amazing online, introductory moral philosophy course by Harvard Professor Michael Sandel

Life’s too short and world too interesting to waste much of it not listening podcasts when travelling, waiting, or doing any other boring task. Here a few series I recommend. Most of them can conveniently be subscribed to via the phone app Pocket Casts (costs some $4, well worth!).
Sam Harris – Waking up I’m a real fan. “Join neuroscientist, philosopher, and best-selling author Sam Harris as he explores important and controversial questions about the human mind, society, and current events.”
Freakonomics Radio A relaxing compromise between entertaining and interesting, economic analysis of mostly daily phenomena
Patterson in Pursuit Not sure all his views stand deeper scrutiny, but the interviews tend to be very interesting. “Philosophy in the real world. Interviewing intellectuals across the globe. Grappling with the biggest ideas.”


Robert Wright 2009 The Evolution of GodI think can be read freely online on that page.

Peter Singer 2011 (1979) Practical Ethics. Favorite philosopher – or at least I largely embrace the views he advocates on poverty relief, and largely those on speciecism. I find most critiques of his work, which try to justify our egoistic lifestyles, blatantly misguided.

Ignmar Persoon & Julian Savolescu (2015) Unfit for the Future – The Need for Human Enhancement. I find the book contains some quite poor quality philosophy, but their case for the need to make humanity more altruistic through chemical or genetic means – is just extremely fascinating and I find it all in all actually quite pertinent, presuming that we find the technical means for it. Very interesting public policy questions arise from the topic too.

Jonathan Haidt (2012) The righteous mind: Why good people are divided by politics and religion.

Some further resources I find interesting – still randomly mixed

Not really read yet but topicwise so interesting that a preliminary note here already in order: Rational Reflection, and Rational Altruist.

Economic Logic – Telling subtitle “There is Economics in everything”

www.env-econ.net – Blog of Economists on Environmental and Natural Resources

www.TED.com (great also the smartphone app); besides quite a few presentations by smooth talkers there are many really thought-provoking ones.

Librivox.org – Free Public Domain Audiobooks, read by volunteers from around the world

foraus.ch – Forum Aussenpolitik – Think Tank für eine konstruktive Schweizerische Aussenpolitik

Batz.ch – Das Forum für Schweizer Wirtschaftspolitik

Economics, Environment, Energy, Ethics, Evolution, Etc.