Offsetting is egoistic – but less egoistic than you, so (kind of) embrace it!

If correctly interpreted, the common objections against environmental (and maybe other types of) offsetting are not valid critiques of offsetting, but instead more generally of our consumerist lifestyle. Rather than bad, offsetting is the very least to do, given that we anyway don’t abstain from spending money on inessential things while millions starve and […]

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Is Bioism as problematic as Speciecism?

Many of us are afraid of intelligent machines to eventually take control. But here a thought: Is this fear partly based on what I’m inclined to call an ethically problematic “bioism” limiting our empathy and care to humans as well as to – for those not too speciecistic – biological living […]

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The interesting case of altruism studies – No serious utilitarian out there?

Experimenters studying altruistic contributions regularly interpret it as clear sign of egoism when participants opt for money as opposed to things like saving the life of mice or increasing the payoff of fellow participants. From a utilitarian perspective this seems odd: I might well take the money, simply to donate it later to where I get the most bang for […]

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